Bradford White Electric Water Heater Size 120GAL Model M-2-120R6DS 4.5KW Company Warranty- سخان مياه برادفورد وايت سعة 120 جالون 4.5 كيلو وات موديل M-2-120R6DS ضمان الشركة

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Electric water heater, get now the best types of heaters that enjoy providing hot water all the time and are characterized by high-quality manufacturing and efficiency in work and provide you with safety, superior quality and effective performance 


  •  Model: M-II-120R6DS
  •  Capacity: 120 gallons
  •  The heater enjoys high quality workmanship and work at the highest level
  •  Bradford White heater is registered according to ISO and according to the standard 9001-2008
  •  This heater increases the delivery of the first hour of hot water while reducing temperature buildup in the tank
  •  Maintains its external appearance and internal tanks because it contains the enamel material in its composition that works to resist rust and corrosion resulting from the temperature of hot water
  •  It has a hydrojet system that ensures the tool is heated and works to reduce sediment
  •  Minimizing temperature build-up in the tank.
  •  Vitraglas® Lining - an enamel formula specially designed to provide superior tank protection from the highly corrosive effects of hot water.
  •  The formula (Vitraglas®) is incorporated onto the surface of steel by firing at a temperature of over 871°C.
  •  Can transfer direct heat with submerged components
  •  It has the ability to fully control the temperature automatically
  •  Easy to use, does not require training, and is small in size, does not occupy a large place. You can put it in kitchens or bathrooms. It does not affect the surrounding decor
  •  I have the heater synchronous and asynchronous operation
  •  Asynchronous operation refers to one object at a time
  •  It has a single-phase and three-phase process
  •  The heater is characterized by the ability to maintain the water temperature for a long time, which leads to reducing electricity consumption
  •  It has a screen to give you the opportunity to know the temperature of the water
  •  It has a luminous indicator light to indicate the connection or the interruption of the power supply
  •  I have the ability to resist corrosion because it contains a magnesium bar which provides it with a long life
  •  CFC-free insulation works on the sides of the tank to reduce temperature loss and maintain hot water for a long time
  •  Equipped with high-precision water connections that deliver healthy, impurity-free water
  •  Ensures continuous contact with the glass liner
  •  It contains safety valves that operate at the highest level to ensure complete safety
  •  It has a durable and tamper-resistant low-restriction copper net valve

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