Ariston heater features and guarantee

Say goodbye to heating water through your use of the old traditional methods, you do not need to start a fire anymore, you will not need fuel or wood for that, all you need to get warm and healthy water is a device that works on either electric or solar energy, and what is meant here is You get a water heater, but of course you will look for a product that does its job in the best way without the need for frequent maintenance, and offers you many wonderful features that are also compatible with your home décor, right? So let's learn together about the advantages and guarantee of the Ariston heater.

Ariston heaters are your best choice?

When searching for the types of heaters available in the Arab and international markets, you will find many companies that design heaters, these products differ among themselves through features and designs and even guarantees, but you will also find that Ariston is on the throne of these markets, thanks to the quality of its products and guarantees Long, when you get one of its products, you will get a water heater that guarantees you work from 5 to 7 years at a minimum, and it includes a magnesium anode, which in turn works to prevent the heater from corrosion and guarantees you water free of sediment, and therefore you will not use calcareous water, meaning that you You will not suffer from a regression in your skin or even hair loss, and you will be able to use it as potable water. Not only that, there are many more features that make it clear to you that it is a very ideal option, and I will mention them to you in detail in the following paragraphs, so let's continue..

Here are the advantages of PRO1 R SASO heaters :

When searching for the products of this wonderful Italian company, we will find many different heaters, including capacity and capacity, number of years of warranty and even features, so we will get to know together Saso products with the highest guarantee, which are characterized by their wonderful performance and ability to work with the highest efficiency and variety of forms. Horizontal and vertical heaters, you can choose what suits you best, and more features, which are:

  1. Saso products from Ariston offer you a 7-year warranty and a capacity of up to 100 liters.
  2. The capacity of these products ranges from 1.5 to 1.8 kilowatts, in addition to their speed of delivering hot water.
  3. Water Plus technology, which operates at a level of up to 16%, and includes a thermostat that increases its efficiency, which ensures double safety.
  4. High ability to resist rust and provide healthy water, tank coated with titanium enamel, in addition to the insulation material is polyurethane.
  5. Fully compliant with top ESWH regulations to ensure its efficiency and safety.

Here is the ARI TOP heater from Ariston:

Looking for a suitable heater for all installations, not just homes? So ARI TOP is one of the ideal options, due to the large capacity, it is 200 liters, and if you are concerned about the environment, it is friendly to it, and it is characterized by its speed in heating water , as it works with a capacity of 4.5 kilowatts, and when searching for a product that guarantees you saving electricity, you will find all Ariston products It is very economical, and more advantages that it enjoys, I will tell you about them as follows:

  1. When purchasing Ariston heaters, you will get products that are free from any industrial or technical defects and do not require maintenance, in addition to a 5-year warranty.
  2. Are you looking for a water heater that guarantees you healthy, rust-free water that you can also use as drinking water? Then ARI TOP product is your ideal choice.
  3. Its high capacity to maintain temperature throughout the day, in addition to that it is equipped with opening and closing valves that work at the highest level.
  4. The safety valve operates at a pressure of 10 bar, and the inner tank has undergone many tests up to a pressure of 16 bar.
  5. You can install it with ease and enjoy the most beautiful Italian designs.

Thus, we have got to know together two of the Italian Ariston heaters, but let me tell you that there are more products, and each product has its different features, such as: capacity, power, installation method…

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