Comparison of high pressure pumps

 Let's imagine together if you were born in the Middle Ages before the existence of technology and smart devices, can you imagine your life and your daily duties at that time?

What difficulties have you faced? Would it be difficult to make a fire from wood or more difficult to hunt for food? Or perhaps carrying water from great distances to the place where you lodge with your family is more difficult than the last two? Of course, you can't imagine all of that for even a minute, it's very difficult, so let's go back to the present.

Today, with the technological revolution, the world has become a better and more comfortable place to live, you no longer have to set fire to your hands, nor to hunt. And most importantly, the water reaches you even if you are several meters above the ground. With the invention of high-pressure water pumps, you will not only get enough water easily, but you can invest the power of water to facilitate your life more in different aspects.

In this article, we will show you a comparison of high-pressure pumps and all you have to do is decide which one is right for you.

Selection of high pressure pumps

The pump is selected depending on the factors that affect its performance. Before you decide which pump to buy, you should compare the available high pressure pumps in terms of several important elements.

1.   the pressure:

Pressure is the amount of kinetic energy that is transferred to the water, and the pressure is controlled based on the application we need the water in.

For example, the pressure needed in cleaning is different from the pressure required in cutting, where we need a higher pressure in the latter.

2.   flow rate:

It expresses the amount of water that will be pumped at a specific time, and it is measured in gallons per minute ( GPM ) . We must find the flow rate of the pump in order to pressurize the water to the required level.

3.   power supply:

Pumps are powered by electrical, pneumatic, gasoline or hydraulic power sources.

The motor must be selected with the appropriate power to pump high pressure water. The motor's power rating is based on capacity, flow rate and pressure range.

4.   Pipes and supply lines:

When using high pressure water pumps, pipes that can withstand the high pressure of the water flowing through them should be chosen, as ordinary pipes will not withstand high pressure. Accordingly, special high pressure tubes reinforced with wire mesh with three to four layers of tubes are used in high pressure pumps.

5.   filtration system:

The inlet of the pump is usually fitted with a filter to remove unwanted dirt and solid particles, as dirt affects the performance of the pump.

As we have noted, the selection of the appropriate high pressure pump depends on more than one factor that directly or indirectly affects the achievement of the task required of the pump.

Don't worry, our help in determining the pump you need will not only mention the above, but we will also show you two types of pumps as a comparison between high pressure pumps, and all you have to do is choose the pump with the most suitable specifications for your need.

Comparison of high-pressure pumps

When pumps are mentioned, we can't help but think of Wilo and its famous products of quality and guaranteed warranty. High-pressure pumps from Willow occupy a large part of the production of this company, which has been a leader in this field for several centuries.

Here are two types of high-pressure pumps that will change your life:

1.   Wilo-Jet HWJ

the description:

Self-priming water supply unit.

Its uses:

●     Pumping water from wells and low reservoirs.

●     Irrigation and spraying.

●     water supply.


●     Ideal for outdoor uses (gardens).

●     Stainless steel prevents corrosion even after a long period of use.

●     Implicit electrical and hydraulic connections are safe and quick to install.

2.   Wilo-Helix FIRST V

the description:

High-pressure, multi-stage, non-self-priming, high-efficiency centrifugal pump in a vertical design with built-in couplings.

Its uses :

●     Water distribution and pressure increase.

●     Industrial circulation systems.

●     treated water.

●     Closed refrigeration circuits.

●     Fire extinguishing systems.

●     washing systems.

●     irrigation.

Features :

●     Efficiency-enhanced 2D/3D laser-welded hydraulic components.

●     Corrosion-resistant defenses.

●     Hydraulic parts optimized for gas flow and discharge.

●     Space-saving and easy to maintain thanks to the compact design.

At the conclusion of the article,

Water pumps have changed the lifestyle, and made a clear difference in various economic and industrial fields as well as daily life.

I hope that the comparison of the types of high-pressure water pumps has provided the desired benefit and helped you choose what you need.

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