What are mini water pumps?

 Who among us has not heard the saying “water is the secret of life”. Today, you cannot live without it. Imagine yourself on a very hot summer day. Isn’t all you want to do is reach the nearest swimming pool or take a shower with cold water? But how do you get it without having a small water pump? This is very difficult that requires you to buy water periodically, transfer water from the lower floors to the upper floors..

When you acquire these pumps, you will add to yourself and your family more comfort, saving money.. So let me now in these lines introduce you to the best small water pumps carefully selected for you, but before we start let's stop a little to answer the question of what is a water pump.

What is a water pump?

It is considered one of the electromechanical machines that work on electricity, and some of them work on solar energy, which in turn converts sunlight into electrical energy to operate this machine, and its mechanism of action has several ways, including: centrifugal, lateral displacement, rotational displacement, dynamic.

Pumps differ among themselves according to the mechanism of work. Or to withdraw water resulting from rain and floods from the roads? 

What does a small water pump mean?

These pumps have a small size and a working capacity of less than a horse. They are used in small factories or homes. They cannot cover very large facilities. Their types are not only limited to ordinary pumps that are used for pumping water, but there are also submersible ones, which in turn work on Drawing water from the bottom of buildings, emptying ponds, pumping wells.

Let me introduce you to one of these submersible pumps..

Submersible Well Pump Model SPU4.04- 05-B / X 14-0.5HP :

Its capacity is half a horse and its advantages are:

  1. You can install it horizontally or vertically.
  2. It works to provide well water quickly and efficiently.
  3. You can even use it in a fully immersed mode.
  4. It can withstand a sand mass of 150 g/m3.
  5. It enables you to raise the water up to a height of 45 meters.
  6. It is characterized by its high performance, as it operates with a large flow capacity to pump water.
  7. Economical, does not consume a large amount of electrical energy.
  8. You can use it without worrying about it getting eroded.

Looking for the best home water pump?

Because we always strive to choose the best pumps, we will offer you one of the most important international companies of German origin, which is Wilo Company.

This company is not only satisfied with providing pumps that are suitable for home use, it offers you all kinds of industrial and agricultural pumps with different working capacity, some of which are less than a horse and others are higher than one horse, but I will present to you two that can be used in your home to get to know them:

Constant Pressure Pump Model PB-135 MA :

This pump belongs to a family of single-stage centrifugal pumps with a capacity of a quarter of a horse, which in turn sucks water from the bottom up and vice versa, that is, it draws water from the tank as well, not only from the ground.

The features of this pump are:

  1. It is characterized by a constant pressure level in addition to addressing the problem of poor pumping in the network.
  2. Saving in electrical energy.
  3. The motor is coated with a material that prevents it from corrosion and rusting through time.
  4. Say goodbye to noise, as this pump has a quiet sound.
  5. It can be used to pump water up to 80°C.
  6. It has the best carbon-ceramic blend of seals.

Wilo PB-351MA Pump :

It is very similar to the previous pump, as it is also single-stage, but it differs in its capacity as it works on half a horse and not a quarter.

When the capacity is increased, its capabilities become higher. The advantages of this pump are:

  1. It has a sensor designed with the latest technology.
  2. Super speed and also the ability to pump water up to 80 degrees Celsius.
  3. Fits all establishments large and small.
  4. Very cool and flawless design.
  5. Easy to use and install and does not require much space.
  6. Like all Wilo products, it is designed to not consume a lot of energy.

Now that we know two of the best German mini pumps from Wilo, as well as one of their submersible pumps..

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