What are water pumps and their types?

water pumps to extract water from deep wells and deliver it to high places. Of course, you need water pumps if you live in a building, but your house is considered high above ground level.

If you are one of our friends who own agricultural land, you will also need it to pump water over the entire area you own, to irrigate plants, or even fill and empty water from your water storage tanks.

But to get a pump that fits your needs, you need to know about water pumps, their types, and what are the differences between them so that we will mention them to you in this comprehensive article.

Before we start, let us tell you that there are several mechanical types of pumps, here are some of them:

1- Side displacement pump: It works to deliver fixed amounts of water, and to empty the air collected in the pipes.

2- Rotary displacement pump: It works to treat fluids with high viscosity, such as oils.

3- Dynamic pumps: They have high kinetic energies, and they pump fluids at a high level.

4- Centrifugal pumps: they provide large pumping rates, but they only deal with light liquids such as water or liquids with light viscosity.

What are water pumps and their types and uses?

A water pump is an electromechanical machine that relies on electricity, but with the advancement in industries, you can run small-sized pumps on solar panels.

Pumps are used to increase water pressure and thus transfer water from one place to another. They are divided into two main parts:

  1. centrifugal pumps
  2. axial pumps

Under each section, there are several different types. We will discuss them in a simplified manner in the folds of these lines, but what are the ways and places to use them? Let's follow along to get the answer.

Pumps are used to provide water and transfer it from a remote or low place that is difficult to reach by human being and then to your home or work, even agricultural lands for the purpose of irrigation, not only that but they are used in the seas for the purpose of withdrawing the water resulting from the movement of high waves and returning it to the sea, even units Sewage you use for the purpose of emptying the sewage.

After we have a simplified definition of water pumps, let's get to know together the types of these pumps, and the mechanism of work for each of them.

Types of water pumps

1- Dewatering pumps:

They are of the type of centrifugal pumps, you can use them anywhere you want to remove water from, as they are placed during digging tunnels, and construction of buildings whose soil contains groundwater, and there are some inhabited buildings under which water of sewage origin may accumulate or an explosion in one Water extensions.

You will also notice them when floods occur from the sea or rain, as they are placed to draw water from roads and buildings.

2- High Head Pumps:

When you attach a high head unit, you can realize that this pump can draw water from the bottom to a very high place, but of course, the capacity of each pump differs from the other in terms of lifting and pumping power as not all of them have the same ability to pump liquids to distant or very high places.

There is a difference between a high head and a medium head pump, as the medium's capacity with water pressure is less than the capacity of the high.

3- Submersible pump:

From the name we conclude that it is submerged in water, but what are its uses?

A submersible pump is similar to dewatering pumps, you can use it to empty your home swimming pool, pump well water, and drain sewage.

Is there a difference between it and other pumps?

The difference is simply that when we say pumps, of course, we are talking about a machine that runs on electricity, but the design of these pumps is insulated which allows us to put them in water and submerge them completely.

4- The pumps are muffled:

We all know that water pumps have a sound that some consider to be very annoying and cause noise. This type of pump is characterized by the presence of a sound insulating layer, which reduces the level of inconvenience that may be issued during its work, in addition to its high ability to pump water with excellent pressure.

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But in the end, there are a very large number of pumps and each one has a specific working mechanism, but most of the time they differ only in their ability to pump water, so when you want to buy a water pump, you can seek advice from experts or from your favorite IBS store!

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