Why do you have to install a horizontal water heater in your home?

Have you ever wondered why you should choose a horizontal water heater when buying a home water heater?!

To take a shower at any time you want does not seem like an idea available to everyone due to the complexities of electric energy and the keenness of governments to rationalize it, but with the horizontal water heater, this idea has become easily available. As these horizontal heaters can retain water for the longest possible period due to its typical and innovative mechanism of operation. And in order to have it in your bathroom, you only need a small space, as it is designed for small spaces and low ceilings, and it is very easy to install.

What are the most important advantages and advantages of the horizontal heater?

1.   Long life:

It has a longer operating life than its regular counterpart, and this can be seen through securing the warranty when purchasing the heater.

2.   Ease of use:

We can also say that it is easy to use and all people can operate it easily with some simple instructions from the instruction manual.

3.   warm water for a long time:

A horizontal water heater can keep warm water for a long time, and this will certainly vary according to the capacity and capacity of the heater.

4.   Elegant appearance:

Since the horizontal heaters can be installed in the ceiling, this will give the bathroom or the place where they are installed a more elegant and simple appearance without affecting the space of the place or distorting its appearance.

Horizontal heater varieties

We will now review the various types of horizontal heaters, according to different criteria, and let us start with the type of heating:

●     Heater adopting dry heating technology:

In this type, heating is not done by direct contact with water. Because of this mechanism, many advantages emerged, the most prominent of which is that there is no objection to operating the heater with electric current during use because there is no fear of the possibility of electric current transmitting to the water.

●     Moist heater:

The heating is done here by the direct and continuous connection of the electric current in the water, and this results in high-speed heating, and these are its most important features.

If we want to classify according to the type of connection, there are two types:

●     surface:

One of its main advantages is that it is easy to install and does not involve long water pipes. However, this type is the most widespread and used in rural homes and villages.

●     deep:

It should be noted here that it is installed depending on the water supply system available in the residential building, and this makes it possible to use it throughout the area of the house or property, and you can apply it in a small and large residential areas at the same time.

But if we want to classify according to the capacity of the tank, we will mention here a number of types and review their uses:

● 15-liter tank:

This is the smallest tank, the amount of water in this tank is just enough for washing dishes and some other small jobs.

● 30-liter tank:

This amount is sufficient in addition to washing dishes, and some wet cleaning work, which depends on wetting cloths and the like.

● 50-liter tank:

Washing dishes, cleaning, and all cleaning uses, and of course, that is enough for one person only, including showering.

● 80-liter tank:

This amount of water, which is relatively large, is sufficient for washing dishes and dishes and cleaning as well, and all water uses for two people only, including showering.

● 100-liter tank:

Washing dishes, cleaning, and showering too.

● 120-liter tank:

A relatively large tank which is enough to do the entire household chores.

● 150-liter tank:

Enough to do all the housework, and a large tank of this size makes it possible for multiple people to take a shower.

It should be noted here that the higher the capacity of the tank, the higher its price.

We can also classify according to the strength of the electric potential:

It is measured in the unit of electricity, which is the kilowatt ( kW ), and it shows the electric force passing through the heating tube inside the water heater naturally, and this leads us to the simple understanding that the greater the energy, the higher the amount of heat produced, of course.

There are several types available in the market:

1000W, 1250W, 1500W, 2000W, 2500W, 3000W.

At the end of our article, were we able to answer your question about the need to install a horizontal heater in your home?

As you noticed, the horizontal heater was found in many sizes, capacities, and features in order to meet all needs. When choosing and purchasing a horizontal water heater, it is necessary to determine the size, type, and power required for the home in order to get the best user experience.

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