Your guide to finding out the best desert cooler

Did you know that you are now able to face the summer, getting cool and fresh air without worrying about the high temperatures?

Are we talking about air conditioners? Of course, when summer comes and the temperature starts to rise, all you want is to have a cool place where you can relax or even work, especially with the extreme rise in temperatures and the dry climate in the Arab region. You will find that these cooling devices have become a basic necessity in every country. place, and therefore the manufacturers of these devices did not suffice with designing products that only convert liquid into gas, but rather designed coolers whose principle is the evaporation of water, and because you will not be able to do without these devices, we will learn together in this article about the best desert air conditioner for Al-Jaziera Company.

But before starting, how do you think we should remember together how air conditioners work in general? 

How do air conditioners work?

For an expanded understanding of the mechanism of action of these devices, I will tell you that there are different types and each of them has a working principle, as split air conditioners, for example, work by drawing hot air into the space and transferring it to the outside, and by converting the liquid into gas, it re-pumps the cold air within the home.

And we have desert devices that we will talk about more extensively in the coming lines, but as a main principle of their work, they work to moisturize the place by evaporating water and transferring it to the air inside the house, and the additional difference between them is that desert coolers cannot work in wet places.

Among their similar stages of work, we have the following:

  1. Hot air is drawn from the place to the cooling device.
  2. The second stage is by flowing this air into the cold evaporation tubes, which makes the air fresh and cool.
  3. The cold air produced from the previous steps is re-introduced into the room, and merges with the air in it, thus reducing the temperature in the place.

Now let's move together to learn about 4 benefits of having a desert air conditioner.

 4 benefits that you will get by owning the best desert air conditioner:

1)    Significant savings in the consumption of electrical energy: using these coolers is of great benefit to cool your place without the need to spend huge amounts of money due to the heavy consumption of electricity, as it uses only 50% of the energy compared to what other air conditioners use, in addition to the presence of devices that operate on solar energy .

2)    will contribute to preserving the environment: This system is one of the systems that contain a very low carbon footprint, as it does not emit any emissions, especially as it does not contain refrigerant gas, in addition to that it does not release any toxic substances into the air, as all it does is pump water evaporated into the air, and let's not forget that it contains filters that filter out any pollution in the air.

3)    The ability to move and place it wherever you want: unlike the wall-mounted split devices, you can move the evaporative air conditioner and move it from one place to another easily.

4)    Getting rid of dry air: When you own one of these coolers, you will increase the humidity inside your place, so you will no longer suffer from dry weather conditions, and thus you will keep your skin from drying out and cracking.

Now, let's move together to get to know one of the best mobile desert air conditioners:

Wheel mounted desert air conditioner from Al-Jaziera Company:

As the Saudi Al-Jaziera company used to tell us about the best products, we will talk about one of its products with its importance and many advantages, as your ability to move it and transfer it from one place to another is very important, as it not only provided you with clean and refreshing air, but also various features, including:

  1. The capacity of the tank is 40 liters, in addition to its ability to warn you of low or no water and stop it automatically.
  2. Equipped with special filters that purify the air, and you can put it in the gardens as well
  3. You can control it remotely, and distribute the air automatically with the ability to set the desired direction.
  4. It has frames with multiple attractive designs and colors, and its outer structure is stainless because it is made of galvanized steel.
  5. No noise, it has an anti-noise system.

Thus, we conclude that you have not only obtained an economical and healthy device, but also that it will give you peace due to its noise suppression technology and its modern design.

Click the link to buy the product: Click here

Hurry up and book the right air conditioner for you

In the end, you should take into account several points when you want to get an evaporative air cooler, including different capacities, size and portability,

For various options, you can visit us now and browse various air conditioners from Al-Jaziera Company. If you are interested in knowing more information, here is your favorite store: IBS-SHOP

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