Saudi Vision 2030: Quality of Life program

It is no longer a secret to the world that the Kingdom, in light of the development and modernity witnessed by developed countries, has been working for years to provide a luxurious living environment comparable to the most developed cities in the world, not only for the residents of the Kingdom, but also for its visitors. Creating this environment is an essential part of the Kingdom's future vision to maintain the life cycle in Saudi Arabia and even raise its quality. To achieve this vision, the Kingdom has developed an organized program called Quality of Life, to become one of the programs to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Its activities have been launched since 2018, and the total cost of implementing the program’s plans has reached 130 billion riyals until 2020.

The program's activities targeted various sectors concerned with improving the quality of life for the citizens and visitors of the Kingdom, such as arts, sports, culture, tourism, and Saudi, Arab and Islamic heritage. The program was keen on the intersection of these areas with luxury and recreation through the participation of individuals in the activities, in addition to improving the infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, starting with raising the level of service performance, modernizing transportation, providing educational opportunities, and finally achieving cultural and social security.

Here are some of the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 that it seeks to implement through the Quality of Life Program:

  1. Increasing awareness of the importance of sport and the need to participate in the sporting activities held.
  2. Upgrading the urban landscape in the Kingdom.
  3. Improving service performance in various Saudi cities.
  4. Involve the Kingdom in the most important artistic and cultural events.
  5. Introducing and paying attention to the Islamic, Saudi and Arab heritage.
  6. Hosting the most important international sporting events.
  7. Providing a high level of luxury to the residents and visitors of the Kingdom.

It is worth noting that a large number of the program's objectives have been achieved and yielded results that exceeded expectations:

On the cultural and artistic level, the cinema sector was revived, and 18 cultural facilities were built, as many museums and cultural exhibitions were opened, in addition to holding a large number of music festivals. The number of Saudi participations in international cultural events reached 5, and the number of local literature exceeded the target number and amounted to 7,956 books. Most notably, the number of graduates of postgraduate studies in cultural specializations reached 20,625 graduates.

The sports sector has also witnessed the implementation of important strategies that were able to raise it to advanced levels, such as supporting sports federations, and opening the field of training and rehabilitation at the "Mahd" Academy and the Institute for Leadership Development. The Kingdom also hosted international sporting events during 2021, such as the Formula 1 events and the World Handball Cup, in addition to hosting the Dakar International Rally. Perhaps one of the most important recent developments in the sports field was the "Fakhr" program, which specializes in Paralympic Games, which caters to people with special needs.

The distinguishing point that indicates the Kingdom’s insistence on implementing its vision in the program in an optimal manner is its realization that the quality of life cannot develop without the solidarity of human cadres trained at a high level of professionalism in performance in various fields. Therefore, the program launched a significant number of academies, institutes and programs To take care of and develop talents until they see the light, an example of this is the "Mahad" Sports Academy, and the opening of the Film Makers Development Program. The Quality Program has also provided many scholarships for students of the Kingdom to study culinary arts in the most important international institutes.

The quality of life cannot be one of the programs to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 without paying attention to the tourism sector and its development. It has already made important changes in this field that contributed to making Saudi Arabia a destination for tourists from all over the world. It launched the tourist visa, and included more heritage sites in the The UNESCO World Heritage List, which made 17.6 million visitors to the Kingdom in the third quarter of 2021.

In view of the great role played by the private sector in supporting the Kingdom’s tourism, the program was keen to activate and empower the role of this sector by facilitating and automating the licensing process, and this has facilitated and supported the work of investors, especially with the establishment of development funds such as the Cultural Growth Fund and the activation of the sponsorship program to finance tourism projects.

The municipal sector had a share in the Kingdom's vision to improve the quality of life, as it began to humanize cities, improve the urban landscape, raise the quality of services provided and provide them with continuous attention and care.

In conclusion...

We can see through this article the keenness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to raise the quality of life in it, and to increase the level of welfare for all its residents to match the best countries in the world.

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