Saudi Vision 2030: The Red Sea Project

For a correct vision from the present about what is coming for the country in the future , the State of the Two Holy Mosques seeks to draw up plans in light of the developments taking place around the world, from various sectors such as: industrial and economic all the way to tourism, with the aim of proving its position globally, and from this standpoint, it began to seek refuge within its program. The Saudi Vision 2030 projects led to the establishment of the Red Sea project, as it was not satisfied with only alternative energy stations, such as the Dumat Al-Jandal wind power station, and the Sakaka solar energy station. There are many different projects included in the program, which target the tourism sector, which represents one of the most important axes of this project. Vision, where tourism is one of the sectors with rapid growth, and a great addition to history, heritage, and cultural diversity in it, and let us not forget that Saudi Arabia attracts annually from huge numbers of Muslims coming to the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque to perform Hajj and Umrah rituals, and this increases the proportion of tourism attraction to it.

But what is the purpose of the Red Sea project? I will inform you of all its details in the coming paragraphs so that we can continue together.

What is the Red Sea Project?

The Red Sea project is one of the Saudi Vision 2030 projects . It was announced on July 31, 2017, and work began in the first phase of it in 2019. Its area is approximately 34,000 square kilometers, which mainly aims to advance the economy. And securing job opportunities and developing all sectors, as it works to highlight the great potential of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this project is a huge tourist destination, as it will provide visitors with a very unique experience that they will only find in this huge project, as it will include a large number of natural and even artificial islands for the purpose of highlighting On the hidden nature of these wonderful lands.

What does the Red Sea Vision 2030 consist of?

When we talk about an area of 34,000 square kilometers, we are talking about a project that, upon its completion in 2030, will include 90 previously uninhabited islands, and 9 islands designated for environmental reserves. Not only that, but there are 50 hotels, which means securing nearly 8,000 hotel rooms And what about residential real estate? It will contain approximately 1,300 residential properties distributed over 22 islands, in addition to golf courses and many recreational facilities.

What are the objectives of the Saudi 2030 project for the Red Sea?

This project has many goals, and as we talked about previously, it works to develop the Kingdom's economy and increase the proportion of job opportunities within it, but let's get acquainted with the most important of these goals, as follows:

      1. Protecting and taking care of nature, in addition to reducing environmental pollution of all kinds.
      2. Establishing an anchor for tourist yachts in an impressive way, and a global product that is very attractive to Arab tourists, even foreigners
      3. Attracting foreign investment, and helping young people to find various opportunities that allow them to reach their aspirations.
      4. The Kingdom's openness to the world through the development of various new sectors on its territory.
      5. Establishment and development of nearly 20 islands of the Red Sea that belong to the Saudi Arabian state.

    Each project has advantages when it is created, and this project has the largest share of the advantages, let me tell you about them.

What are the advantages of completing this project?

As I mentioned to you, it is one of the most important mega tourism projects that in turn includes many advantages, as it offers a unique experience for tourists, and allows them to practice various tourist hobbies such as diving within coral reefs, watching hidden volcanoes and other features, let me introduce you to some of them as follows :

    1. Preserves the environment by using alternative energy.
    2. Highlighting the most important historical cities, it is close to archaeological and heritage monuments.
    3. Protect nearly 70% of the islands and nature.
    4. The water temperature of the Red Sea is ideal for all marine activities, and the weather is warm most of the year for recreational activities.

Want more information?

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