What is the NEOM project?

NEOM Project" when ambition expands to the size of the dream to draw the features of the new future. It is a bold idea and the seed of change to create a future characterized by sustainability and innovation. It is also a major nucleus for major projects and giant investments, especially with its strategic location on the Red Sea coast in the north and west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, had unveiled the NEOM project, and announced recently that it is possible to offer the “NEOM” economic zone for registration and subscription by 2024, and added that it is expected, according to economic experts, that the addition of the city will exceed NEOM to the Saudi stock market, through this registration and offering process, $ 5 trillion, and that, of course, after the completion of the construction of the entire project.

As for the structure of the city of Neum, it will be established along a straight line that is more than 100 miles long in the desert, and the expected future city will extend over a total area of approximately 26,500 square kilometers, which is equivalent to (10,230 square miles), and this will clearly make it larger in area than Kuwait.

And in an exciting piece of information revealed by those in charge of the city, it was announced that NEOM will be completely outside the scope, powers and limits of the current Saudi judicial system, and that an independent judicial legal system will be drafted by the investors themselves, but no talk has been made about the mechanism for achieving this or the detailed rationale.

Some may see that this city is a crazy project and will cost huge amounts of money, but some of the consultants in the "NEOM" council indicated that it will be built in a sequential manner, block after block, in a way that facilitates its completion and secures financial liquidity for the success of the project.

With an initial look at the planning and structuring, it seems clear that the city is inspired by the designs of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city of Barcelona, due to the presence of large square blocks. Each residential square, according to a number of specialists, will be self-sufficient and will contain all the amenities and requirements of daily life, such as shops and schools, meaning that anything a resident of Neum needs will be within a five-minute walk. Travel along the city line will also be through modern high-speed trains so that the longest distance between two stations is approximately twenty minutes.

In addition to all of the above, NEOM will be home to the floating city on the water , Oxagon , which extends for a great distance of nearly 7 kilometers, and this is what will make it the largest floating building in the world.

In a report prepared by "Merlin Thomas" and "Gebik Finma" on the BBC World Channel, during which the plans and projects revealed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of NEOM and its comprehensive vision of how and to what extent it is possible to make it a reality were reviewed.

At first glance, the city of NEOM appears as if it is coming from the future or from a science fiction movie about an ideal city full of surprise, renewal and innovation, and it is enough to review a few of its advantages for the world to realize that:

●     Magical, luminous and glowing beaches in the dark.

●     Millions of different types of trees, and let's not forget that they will grow in a place called "the desert".

●     In a scene resembling imaginary pictures, we will see its railways suspended in the air.

●     Manufactured satellite.

●     A modern and futuristic city, but it is car-free and carbon-free for a healthier environment. It should be noted here that NEOM is an affirmation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's intention to become an environmentally friendly country, and this involves international campaigns to preserve the planet.

Finally, the main objectives of the NEOM project remain, which we will briefly review:

●     Achieving growth and increasing strength in the economic body of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by diversifying sources of income, and this will of course lead to making the Kingdom at the top of the list of global countries in technological development and development in all its forms.

●     Making NEOM the compass for a place where more than a million people can work.

●     Establishing a culture of mixing and love of adventure and exploration.

●     Building large, wide and diverse communities.

●     Establishing advanced research centers as well.

●     Establishing the latest sports and recreational facilities to be a very desirable destination for tourism.

In conclusion of our article on this delightful project, we can summarize the foregoing by saying that the city of NEOM is built to be in harmony with the modern man and his many needs, and it places the highest priority on increasing the standard of living and luxury. In short, the "NEOM" project, when we live in the present, is vision of the future.

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