Ariston Heater Features: List of the best products

"Home of sustainable comfort" is the motto of the Italian company Ariston since its founding in 1930, which proved later that it was not taken in vain, as this ancient company supplied the local and international markets with the best heating systems and related products such as various heaters necessary for daily life, whose efficiency increased day after day and has been admired by its users over the years. You may be wondering; What distinguishes Ariston heaters from other heaters in the market? The answer lies in the company's focus on achieving comfort and luxury in every home, and its determination to make it the warmest place without wasteful energy consumption. Quality and efficiency are among Ariston's goals, which it has clearly achieved in its products.

In this article, we show you a list of the best of these products and the advantages of each of them, so that they may achieve the required benefit.

Ariston heaters

1.   Ariston water heater, horizontal, capacity of 80 liters, 1.5 kW, 7 years warranty :

●     Ariston horizontal water heater capacity of 80 liters: 1.5 kW.

●     Ariston 80-liter horizontal water heater voltage: 220 volts

This Ariston horizontal heater is an electric heater made in Italy, distinguished by its exclusive and precise design, and is characterized by very high performance and lasting quality. The Water Plus technology is used in the manufacture of this electric heater, up to 16 percent . A strong insulating material called polyurethane is also used in the manufacture of this heater, in addition to the use of a magnesium anode when manufacturing it to combat corrosion and rust and eliminate it, and it was supplied with a coating of high-quality titanium enamel.

It features a double thermostat to increase safety when using the product, so it is very safe to use for adults and children and does not leak. And it keeps the water temperature after heating as long as possible. It also purifies the water while it heats the water inside the electric heater, and the water capacity inside this heater reaches 80 liters.

2.    Ariston Vertical Water Heater, 50 Liter, 1.2 KW, 7 Years Warranty :

●     Ariston vertical water heater capacity of 50 liters: 1.2 kW.

●     Ariston 50-liter vertical water heater voltage: 220 volts.

Ariston vertical heater is Italian made at a reasonable price for all categories and its use is easy and fast. It can heat 50 liters of water, and this is what makes it essential in every home. This type is one of the most distinguished types because of its high capabilities that can provide this amount of water and keep it hot for a long time without being affected by external factors. In addition to the possibility of using it for a large number of hours and is not affected negatively, but rather provides high results. You might think that in this way it may consume large amounts of energy, but it is characterized by rational consumption of electricity thanks to the quality of workmanship.

It consists of high-quality, precise tools that are installed in the device with precision and high performance. As for the technology that the tank follows, it is Water Plus up to 16%. One of the distinguishing points is that its use is safe for children, and there is no need to worry about using it at all, as it does not cause any kind of leakage, and it can be guaranteed for 7 years from the date of purchase.

How do you choose the right heater?

You may be confused when you decide to buy a home heater due to the multiplicity of types and they are all distinguished by quality and efficiency, but there are several main points that must be taken into consideration before choosing any heater, we will mention the most important of them:

  1. Playback speed and performance level must be specified.
  2. Calculating the costs of purchasing and installing the heater.
  3. The distinctive technologies of each heater and what you need from them.
  4. Safety elements supplied to the heater.
  5. A comprehensive examination to ensure that it does not contain industrial defects.
  6. The size of the house and the number of family members.
  7. The amount of electricity it consumes and the level of insulation.
  8. Determine the location of its installation and choose the most appropriate vertical or horizontal.

In conclusion of our article,

We are pleased that you have decided to purchase one of Ariston's products. Despite the multiplicity of products of this Italian company, each product has different advantages to meet the desires and needs of all users around the world, while maintaining the elegance of design and ensuring long life. The Ariston water heater vertical capacity of 50 liters and the horizontal water heater Ariston'Ariston's capacity of 80 liters are excellent examples of conveying the reality of the products honestly. It can be said, after reviewing a large number of experiences, that Ariston has achieved its motto and provided users with sustainable comfort.

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