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The electric water pump has many uses and its presence has become a necessity, as it has helped in performing various daily duties in an excellent manner, and it has begun to replace the traditional pumps in the global markets, although the latter may be superior in durability, the electric pumps have proven their efficiency in accomplishing tasks with high accuracy more than Today, the electric pump is increasingly relied upon for high-performance applications.

In this article, we will tell you about the most important electric water pumps and the most prominent applications you can achieve with this pump model.

What is an electric water pump?

It is a mechanical device that relies on electricity as a source of energy and works through an electric motor that is supplied with power from a transformer through a switchboard, where electrical energy is delivered from the panel to the pump through connecting wires that connect to water pipes, then the pump motor converts that electrical energy into mechanical energy.

What are the parts of an electric water pump?

  • engine
  • casing
  • pump
  • protector
  • power connections
  • switch panel
  • entries
  • adapter

The most important electric water pumps

Certainly, when you read our article, you will learn about the importance of having an electric pump, whether at home or in industrial applications, and you may be confused about the best type of pump, so we suggest the best electric pumps on the market:

1.   V 603 Multistage Vertical Pump :

An electric pump from Wilo, which is well-known, with a high ability to adapt to various uses, whether domestic or industrial, is effective in pumping clean and chemical-free water, does not require large spaces, and is characterized by ease of maintenance.        


●     Maximum productivity: 10 m3 per hour

●     Power: 0.55 kW

●     Pump head (lift): 24 m

●     High efficiency embodied in a vertical design supported by solid joints.

●     Multistage high-pressure centrifugal pump.

●     An effective role in closed refrigeration circuits such as fire extinguishing systems, washing, and irrigation systems.

●     2D and 3D hydraulic components, laser-welded and wear-resistant,

●     All hydraulic parts are optimized and highly efficient, ensuring easy flow and unloading.

●     It does not take up much space thanks to its compact design, which makes it easy to transport and maintain.

2.   Wilo HiMulti 3-43 Horizontal Multistage Pump

An easy-to-use, high-efficiency electric pump, which comes with an advanced energy-saving design with a low noise rate, and is suitable for small spaces.


●     Maximum productivity: 4.5 m3 per hour.

●     Power: 0.8 kW.

●     Pump head (lift): 30 meters.

●     Simple design with easy-to-use mechanism.

●     It is efficient and durable, as it incorporates highly efficient hydraulic components in its design.

●     It has low electric power consumption and is equipped with an optimized motor which makes it compact in size.

●     Supports auto start and dry run protection thanks to its Willow-Connect 1 module.

●     It does not cause noise, as the noise level ranges between 56 dB and 64 dB.

●     It has a water supply design that allows for automatic pump control.

●     ACS Drinking Water Certification.

●     It can be used in irrigation and sprinkler systems with the possibility of benefiting from rainwater.

3.   Wilo Submersible Pump Model Rexa PRO V05 DA-126 + P 13.1-10 / EAD1F2 T

An electric pump with high working efficiency, with a distinctive and safe design, that can be used in all fields.


●     Maximum productivity: 50 m3 per hour.

●     Power: 2.5 kW.

●     Pump head (lift): 16m.

●     The pump is equipped with efficient single-channel impellers, giving it high working efficiency.

●     The submersible sewage pump is designed for continuous use and can be used in both fixed and mobile wet working environments, as well as stationary dry environments.

●     The pump is safe to operate because it is equipped with low obstruction vortex impellers, as it meets safety standards as it was previously classified according to ( ATEX ) international safety standards.

●     Energy-saving IE 3 engine technology can be obtained as an additional option.

●        It can be used for pumping untreated sewage and loaded sewage according to the European ( DIN) EN 12050-1 standard.

What applications do we need an electric water pump?

●     Cooling or circulation system in various equipment and devices.

●     Water generation equipment.

●     Water conservation equipment.

●     hot tubs.

●     Smart toilets.

●     irrigation.

●     small fountains.

●     fish tanks.

●     Automobile water cooling system.

The electric water pump has solved many problems, and thanks to its development, many applications have become easy to perform after being difficult or almost impossible.

Why the hesitation? It is necessary to own and invest in an electric pump to accomplish your daily tasks, and it is more important to determine your need for it to know the type and features of the pump that is most suitable for you. Do not hesitate to ask the technical support department available to assist you in the correct use of our products and resources without any restrictions.

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