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 Did it ever happen that you came home and turned on the tap to wash your hands or took a shower after a hard day's work, but you didn't find any water?!

I can imagine the panic and anger you would feel, but excuse me, you are to blame. Why didn't you fill the water tank? You may not have thought that the water would go out, but trust me, it happens a lot.

But if the reason is that the water did not reach the tank due to its high position, which cannot be changed easily, then this is a really annoying problem, but do not worry, I have the solution. In this article, we will talk about the upper tank water pump, which will fill your home tank quickly and easily, follow me to the end and you will not be cut off from water after today.

Of course, there are many types of domestic pumps, but in this case you need water lift pumps to fill the upper water tank, and for that I suggest you today wilo lift pumps .

Types of lift pumps for upper tank


●     Willow pump is made of stainless steel.

●     Water delivery at record speed.

●     High quality raw materials.

●     Long life and does not deteriorate with continuous use.

●     It has a wonderful geometric design.

●     The water lift pump has obtained many international quality certificates confirming its efficient work.

●     Easy to use and install easily The pump is lightweight and compact, so it doesn't take up much space.

●     Flow: 5 m3/h.

●     Power: 1 kW.

●     Head: 49 m.

2.   WILO Horizontal Multistage Loose Pump

●     Supports water supply and increases pressure in industrial circulation systems.

●     This pump is made to professional, high quality specifications.

●     The motor has built-in thermal protection with automatic restart that ensures easy starting.

●     All parts feature a monoblock design and are made of either 1.4301 ( AISI 304) or 1.4404 ( AISI 316L ) stainless steel.

●     Equipped with a practical design that does not require large spaces, which also makes it easy to disassemble and install.

●     All pump components in contact with the liquid comply with drinking water specifications ( ACS, KTW, WRAS ) ensuring a high level of safety.

●     Flow: 3.4 m3/h.

●     Power: 1.5 kW.

●     Head: 65 m.

3.   WILO LIFTIN351G PUMP SS Model WJ-201

●     It has an innovative design to give you optimal water pumping.

●     It is available with a powerful 0.55 kW motor equivalent to 3/4 HP.

●     It has a sturdy body made of stainless steel (stainless steel).

●     Equipped with a practical and durable handle, making it easy for you to carry.

●     It is light in weight, has a small size and does not take up space.

●     Its protection class is IP 44 at the highest level.

●     It is durable, practical and has undergone many tests to prove its efficiency.

●     It pumps water to great distances and with great force.

●     Versatile, it can be used in large facilities such as hospitals and factories.

●     It does not consume much electrical energy.

●     Flow: 5 cubic meters per hour.

●     Power: 0.5 kW.

●     Head: 34 m.

I understand your confusion now, as you may not be aware of which type is right for you. But as I always tell you, don't worry, I have the solution.

What pump specifications should you select to fit your home tank?

1.   discharge rate:

Or the so-called flow rate, measured in liters per minute. It is the amount of water pumped during a specified period of time.

2.   head range:

The head here means the discharge head, the vertical distance to which you will pump water. The head range must fall within this distance in order for the water pump to pump effectively.

3.   energy:

The amount of electrical power that a pump will consume when it is in use, which can be measured in kilowatts ( kW ) and horsepower ( HP ). It ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 HP for most pumps. But it depends on the rest of the pump specifications, and in general the power increases with both the amount of water pumped and the head range.

At the conclusion of the article,

High tanks are no longer a problem, and there will be no obstacle to your permanent access to your need of water no matter how high your tank is, but you must first choose the upper tank pump that is most suitable for you and your home, not all pumps have the same capabilities and specifications, but as we have seen, each pump has its own advantages and that To meet all needs, no matter how varied.

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