The best water heaters that every home needs


Summer is over and mid-autumn, meaning no more cold showers or the ability to enjoy it in the face of the summer heat, and the gradual drop in temperatures reminds us of the approaching return of cold winter nights, when your favorite hot drink after a warm bath gives you relief after a hard day's work in the cold Severe.

Are you ready for the long cold nights?

May your home be equipped with all means of heating

and heaters, but have you checked their safety recently?

If your answer is no, then don't worry, there is still time to furnish your home with what it needs to be the warmest haven ever. Today we talk about a cornerstone and a necessary source of warmth in every home, which is the water heater, and in this article we will help you choose the best water heater for your needs.

First of all, do you have an idea about the benefits of a water heater? Here are the most important ones.

Water heater benefits

1.   Hot water for bathing and relaxing:

This feature may be more needed than any other, as there is nothing better than taking a warm bath and relaxing in the cold winter weather. If you are one of those who spend a long time in the shower and need large amounts of hot water, it is better to choose a water heater without a tank, so that you will have a permanent and continuous source of warm water.

2.   Annual maintenance extends life:

You don't have to worry about your water heaters breaking down, most of them have an average lifespan of 6-10 years. With annual maintenance and safety checks, you will prevent its sudden breakdown and the resulting negative impact on the water in your home. This maintenance can extend the life of your water heater by about 12 years.

3.   Energy saving:

There are many energy-saving water heaters available in the market, they may be more expensive and require spending more money, but this money will return to you later by saving on electricity bills.

4.   Space saving:

Many types of heaters have been developed to become small in size and suitable for placing anywhere in the house, without being confused about emptying a suitable place for them and their previous large size, to the extent that some of these heaters can be placed on the wall.

The best brands of water heaters in the market

One of the additional good advantages of using a water heater, is the availability of several types in the market that meet different needs, and we will show you the most important companies producing water heaters with quality and warranty.

1.   Aljaziera water heaters:

Al jaziera provides you with multi-capacity water heaters, each of which has the following specifications:

●     The possibility of external temperature control.

●     External thermometer to show the water temperature.

●     Electrostatic painted body for longer life.

●     Porcelain/enameled stainless steel inner tank.

● Energy-efficient polyurethane insulation.

●     Double safety thermostat with thermal cut-out.

●     Magnesium column for complete electrochemical protection against calcification.

●     Sanitary stainless steel inner tubes.

●     Two upper and lower valves for complete safety.

●     Indicator lamp to know the power supply.

2.   Ariston water heaters:

Ariston offers a 7-year warranty on many of its heaters that feature advanced performance, in addition to:

●     Water Plus Technology: Saves more hot water, up to 16%.

●     Compliant with top ESWH regulations.

●     Adjust the outside temperature.

●     Double safety thermostat.

●     Strong insulating material (polyurethane).

●     Magnesium anode to fight corrosion.

●     High quality titanium enamel tank.

●     Designed in Italy.

●     Modern form with "Ariston wave".

●     User-friendly interface.

3.   Bradford White Heaters:

Bradford White heaters are American-made, and this company focused on the quality of the heaters in order to provide the best possible water heater, characterized by the following:

●     Vitraglas® Lining - An exclusive enamel formula designed to provide superior tank protection from the highly corrosive effects of hot water.

●     Direct heat transfer With submerged components, heat transfers directly and efficiently into the water "screw method".

●     Fully automatic temperature controls, quick surface mount thermostat with upper limit power cut-off (manual reset) for safety.

●     Magnesium Guard Bar, provides additional protection against corrosion for long-term, trouble-free service.

Tell us now, have you been able to choose the right heater brand for you?

In any case, it is better to choose the brand and type of heater carefully, you need to know in advance how much energy will be consumed, and this depends not only on the amount of hot water you need, but also on the type and specifications of the selected heater.

in conclusion,

After we show you the best and most important water heaters on the market, you don't have to worry about winter cold and freezing water, the solution is here in your hands!

We hope that this article has provided the required benefit, and we hope that it helped make your home a warm corner, equipped with the latest appliances that provide you with comfort and luxury.

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