What are Al jazierah heaters? How do they work?

 Have you ever thought how the ancients had access to hot water for bathing, washing and performing various daily needs?

In fact, it was difficult, as they used to make fires to boil water in large stoves, which consumed them a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, the ancient Romans took advantage of natural hot springs to build large public baths, and they were considered the pioneers of hot water. The case continued until "Bensen stoves" were invented to heat cold water in tubes, and later, several years later, the invention of the electric water heater appeared to the world.

Today, however, getting hot water only takes a short period of time that may not exceed minutes, and without any effort, and from it you can shower at any time and consume what you need from warm water without worrying about running out, the water heater works permanently, especially if it has High quality and great efficiency,  Al jaziera heaters are the best example of this.

Al jaziera heaters

Al-Jazirah Company is a leading Saudi company in several industries, including the manufacture of water heaters, and has won the admiration and appreciation of a large number of customers. It offers several types of water heaters, the most prominent of which are:

  1. Al jaziera water heater, capacity, 100 liters, horizontal, 2 kW.
  2. Al jaziera Water Heater 30 Liters 5 Years Warranty.
  3. Al jaziera Hot Water Heater 50 Liter Horizontal 1.2 KW.
  4. Al Jazeera Water Heater 50 Liter Vertical.
  5. Al jaziera hot water heater 80 liters horizontal 1.5 kW.

They all share the following distinctive features:

●     The possibility of external temperature control.

●     External thermometer to show water temperature.

●     Electrostatic painted body for longer life.

●     Porcelain/enameled stainless steel inner tank.

●     Energy efficient polyurethane insulation.

●     Double safety thermostat with thermal cut-out.

●     Magnesium column for complete electrochemical protection against calcification.

●     Sanitary stainless steel inner tubes.

●     The presence of two valves, upper and lower for complete safety.

●     Indicator lamp to know the power supply.

You might think about the reasons why you choose  Al jaziera heaters over others, and this is a logical question considering that there are many types of heaters available in the market. To answer this question, it is better to first tell you about the elements that should be taken into account when choosing a water heater:

1.   Thermal insulation and energy consumption:

It is necessary to pay attention to the extent of thermal insulation of the water heater, as high-quality insulation keeps the water warm for as long as possible, thus reducing the need to reheat the water and, in the end, will save energy consumption significantly.

2.   wear resistance:

Water heaters are highly susceptible to metal corrosion, due to their constant contact with water. The protection of the heater from corrosion depends mainly on the quality of the materials from which it is made, and the high-quality materials include: titanium or stainless steel, in addition to the use of anode protection in many modern heaters.

3.   control system:

There are two types of water heating controls:

●     Mechanical control:

It is the cheapest and most practical to use. It enables the water heating to be controlled manually and to know the current temperature through an arrow on the heater indicating the temperature.

●     Electronic control:

It is carried out via a screen with touch buttons, thanks to which the required temperature is determined more accurately. This control also provides the feature of saving electrical energy.

4.   vertical or horizontal:

Each of them has its own characteristics, but the distinction is made between them depending on where the heater is installed, usually at the bottom of the tank. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to install the horizontal heater in the vertical position and vice versa, as this may affect its performance. Horizontal heaters are more expensive and more difficult to install and need specialists.

5.   heating element:

It has two modes: wet and dry. The wet mode heats the water in direct contact with it, ie on the principle of a boiler. As for the dry type, it is insulated from water with a metal or ceramic casing.

6.   Number of people:

The consumption of a family of 3 people is different from the consumption of a family of 6 or more people. Therefore, the water heater must be chosen with a capacity that suits the number of people and the expected consumption of warm water.

As you have certainly noticed, all the important elements for choosing a high-quality water heater are available in the high-efficiency  Al jaziera heaters. Thus, we have explained to you the reasons for choosing them and not others, and you only have to determine the capacity and the daily need for warm water, and then choose the most appropriate  Al jaziera heater for you.

In conclusion of the article

It was useful to highlight the importance of water heaters in our lives, as it solved a big problem that we would have lived through today, had it not been for the patent that was registered in it two centuries ago.

It is permanently available everywhere, and obtaining it is a normal matter that does not require effort or thought after it was accompanied by great hardship in ancient times.

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