Solar air conditioners: types and features

With the passage of time and technological progress, humans have been able to harness the enormous potential of the sun in the form of photovoltaic cells and use it for very important purposes, as they are now allowed to convert sunlight into electricity, and use it to power their homes and devices with little impact on the environment compared to traditional sources. Solar is the most abundant natural resource on the planet and that is free sunlight.

When solar air conditioners are installed in homes, the amount of electricity consumed through the network can be immediately reduced, which in turn can reduce monthly bills and help reduce the large consumption of electricity rates.

Let us know together in this article the most important solar air conditioners, their types and features.

What are the types of solar air conditioners:

Air can be cooled or heated in more than one way using energy conditioners. Solar air conditioners can be divided by their mechanism of action into two basic categories, and both of them work differently, the first using solar thermal energy and the second via photovoltaic panels.

1. Solar Thermal Conditioners (Absorption Cooling):

This type of air conditioner uses solar collectors to heat liquids such as water, which contains a dissolved refrigerant medium, which produces high-pressure refrigerant vapor that is cooled and condensed and then pumped into the evaporator to withdraw heat and cooling, then absorb and dissolve in the water again.

2. Solar PV air conditioners:

These air conditioners operate in the same way as conventional split air conditioning systems in that they are operated with the help of energy generated by photovoltaic panels, while the number of panels used varies depending on the size of the system and the energy needs of the air conditioner.

Several types fall into this category, including those that work with direct current only, or alternating current only, or both (hybrid).

Whether a solar thermal air conditioner or solar photovoltaic panels are installed, the use of such a type of solar air conditioner can provide multiple environmental and financial benefits.

DC solar air conditioners

DC ) electricity, which means that the solar panels are directly wired, as solar panels and photovoltaic panels are used to collect sunlight and convert it into electrical energy.

This type of air conditioner offers some key features and one of the most important is the ease of installation and maintenance, and DC solar air conditioners are the best option for complete off-grid living as they can be operated without the additional cost of equipment.

AC solar air conditioners

Alternating current solar air conditioners are the most famous. In order for this type of solar air conditioner to work, a device known as a power inverter is used, which in turn converts the direct current from the solar panels into alternating current.

The AC solar air conditioner uses the energy stored in the battery after passing through the inverter. For this reason, the AC solar air conditioner offers several advantages, the most important of which is that it can be operated using electrical energy and solar panels.

Hybrid solar air conditioners:

Hybrid solar-powered air conditioners can operate on both DC and AC current, as they can be connected to both solar panels/batteries directly and to the grid at the same time.

One of the most important features that this type of air conditioner provides is that it is flexible to work during all times of the day and seasons, and there is no additional equipment required, such as the power inverter, which can be switched between solar energy and grid power smoothly and easily.

It is mentioned that conventional air conditioners come with high electricity bills, considering the recent rise in energy prices, moreover, their negative impact on the environment certainly cannot be ignored.

It is noteworthy that the best solution to reduce high costs and preserve the environment without compromising comfort and luxury lies in the use of solar energy conditioners because this type of air conditioner can harness the natural energy of the sun to maintain an ideal climate, as not only solar energy conditioners can reduce emissions Not only greenhouse gases, but they can also help reduce electricity bills.

If you are looking for ways to lower your electricity bills and reduce environmental damage, investing in a solar air conditioning system is a great way to power your home and feel comfortable doing so because solar air conditioners do not emit any toxic emissions and provide the space with needed energy.

Therefore, do not forget that the use of solar energy can help homeowners and businesses achieve their environmental and savings goals at the same time.

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