Solar energy: what is it and why is it an alternative to fuel energy?

Have you ever imagined that only 6 hours is all it takes for the world's deserts to generate the amount of energy that satiates the consumption of the planet's population for an entire year?

This is exactly what the Swiss-Swedish studies at ABB have found .

In light of the conflicts that the world is witnessing today over energy sources, man has become in need of an independent source of energy, not affiliated with anyone and not owned by a specific party, and therefore his use does not result in expensive bills.

And in order to search for a source of energy with these specifications, the world has not yet found anything better than solar energy !

You must have heard or seen how this energy is transformed into electrical energy that supplies other sources of electricity; You may wonder: How can rays from the sun, far from our planet, generate such a large amount of energy? Is it really enough to dispense with other energies?

But it may surprise you that the total amount of energy coming from the sun to the Earth's surface can largely cover current and projected energy requirements, if it is used correctly and optimally.

According to expectations, the world in the twenty-first century will witness a greater dependence on renewable energy from the sun , in inverse proportion to its dependence on limited fossil fuel energy.

In this article, we will take you on a scientific journey to introduce you to the most important source of energy in the twenty-first century.

What is solar energy ?

In short, it is the energy resulting from the rays coming from the sun and can be converted into chemical or electrical energy. It is also the cleanest renewable energy source that can be harnessed to generate electricity and provide lighting, in addition to many other needs.

Nice news, isn't it? This is another source of energy that you can rely on in your daily life. But don't worry , I can hear what's on your mind, [1] what advantages will solar energy give us, and no other source can give it?

Here is the answer, as these are the most prominent benefits and advantages of the great energy of our sun:

1.   Ease of access anywhere:

Millions of people in different parts of the world suffer from the lack of electricity service to their areas, whether because of poverty or because of the nature and geography of the place and the difficulty of accessing it. The power cuts in these areas are not limited to the deprivation of lighting and the use of normal electrical devices, but the most important and most dangerous is the inability of health centers and hospitals to cool medicines and sterilize medical equipment in an optimal manner, or even to operate the necessary medical devices to save lives.

Hence the necessity of investing solar energy in these areas. It is sufficient to equip them with the necessary equipment, such as solar panels and collectors, in order to obtain permanent renewable energy, without fearing for lives.

2.   Saving electricity bills:

Relying on solar energy in homes and various facilities reduces the need for the main electrical energy resource, especially during peak hours when electrical expenditures increase, as you can generate your own electricity according to your need most of the time. This will bring you profits that accumulate over time by saving the money that you will save from electricity bills.

3.   Reduce transportation losses:

lost during transportation from the main energy source to homes and places of consumption, and this percentage, if it accumulates in the long run, will become a significant number, and will cause great material losses that we are indispensable. Here comes the advantage of solar energy , by relying on solar panels we will avoid energy losses because the place of generation of this energy is the same as the place of consumption.

4.   Suitable environment for cultivation:

Most of the Earth's energy sources have a carbon footprint, the impact of which may be overlooked by many. However, this footprint has a direct impact on the environmental climate, as the lack of rainfall and rising temperatures are important consequences of increased carbon emissions.

These results have additional consequences, the most important of which is the negative impact on agricultural production and crops. Therefore, reliance on solar energy was necessary to protect the agricultural sector.

Is sun energy really an alternative to fossil fuels?

I hope that this information has enriched your awareness of the importance of the solar wealth in the hands of each one of us. But are you still wondering why solar energy is considered an alternative fuel energy solution?

It's okay, I'm here to answer everything you want to know, but I think after reading the advantages of adopting sunlight as a source of energy, you have an idea of why it is an alternative to fuel energy.

Carbon dioxide , CO2 , methane, nitrous, nitrous oxide and halo carbonates are the most important endothermic gases resulting from fuel combustion.

These gases are emitted into the atmosphere to absorb infrared radiation from the earth and then emit it again to its surface, causing slow fluctuations in the environmental climate. On the other hand, it was found that solar energy is clean energy that does not cause any pollution or impact on the environment and the cosmic system.

In addition to the above, organic fuels are running out 100 times faster than they are formed, meaning in the not-too-distant future, we will have a real need for another permanent source of energy to meet our energy needs. Based on these two main reasons, renewable solar energy has been considered the best alternative to fuel energy, as it is a guarantee of a future that does not run out of energy.

At the conclusion of this interesting scientific journey, I can summarize the above with an imaginary scene representing the planet Earth, which is water scarce and opaque except for some areas illuminated using primitive methods, in which an irregular ecosystem prevails and threatened with the cessation of life. This is what our planet will look like if we continue to rely on limited fuel energy without optimally investing renewable solar energy, and based on your imagination, you can realize the importance of this energy and the reasons for taking it as an alternative to fuel energy.

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