Advantages of Ariston heaters

 Time is no longer the same as before, we heat water by setting fire to wood or heating it on fuel, with the development in industries, water heaters occupy a large part of the commercial market, devices have been manufactured that work on electric or alternative energy, which saves the physical effort that we do For that, and one of the most important of these devices is Ariston heaters, so I will introduce you to one of the most important manufacturers of water heaters of Italian origin, and introduce you to several heaters you own, including solar and electric, in addition to mentioning their advantages, so we can follow together..

Who is Ariston?

It is one of the first emerging companies in the field of heating, as it originated in 1930 in Italy, but in the sixties the manufacture of heaters was started Aquatic for the first time, and in the seventies it became one of the most pioneering companies as it began to expand its sale in the main markets within Western Europe. When it reached the eighties, it entered the heating sectors and started producing boilers. Its development and spread continued around the world until 2001, when it acquired a group of well-known companies and brands in the heating and stoves industry, including: Chaffoteaux, Elco, Cuenod, Rendamax.

Since that time until the present time, it has continued to develop itself and its goals until its spread around the world, with the increase in the quality of products with attention to its designs for heaters in terms of industrial and formality.

Now that we have just gone through the huge history of this wonderful Italian company, let me show you some of their products, your ability to have warm water is very important isn't it? So let's continue together..

Here are 8 of the advantages of Ariston Solar Water Heater 200 Liters Model DR -2:

As I mentioned to you earlier, this company is not only satisfied with electric heaters, it works in order to secure the customer's comfort and preserve the environment as well, so it has designed solar heaters, including this product, and now here are its advantages:

  1. It is distinguished by its advanced performance and its ability to work at the highest efficiency.
  2. It provides hot water in large quantities due to direct heating technology through solar energy
  3. It has perfect layers for the tank, which means a constant water temperature.
  4. It contains safety valves.
  5. It is characterized by its ability to absorb solar energy very efficiently and convert it into energy for heating water.
  6. Easy to install and fit all utilities.
  7. You do not need electricity to get warm water, as it works on solar energy.
  8. Stainless steel.

8 Features of Ariston Water Heater 300 Liters - 9 KW:

After we learned about the advantages of modern solar heaters from Ariston, let's now learn about the advantages of vertical electric heaters, which are:

  1. It has a large capacity of 300 liters.
  2. It heats water very quickly due to its ability to work at a power of 4.5 kW.
  3. It is considered one of the economic products as it saves electricity.
  4. Environmentally friendly, it is made of environmental insulation material "Polyurethane".
  5. The safety valve operates at a pressure of 10 bar.
  6. Stainless steel, and has a very distinctive modern Italian design.
  7. You can easily control the water temperature.
  8. Maintains water temperature, which means significant savings in electrical consumption.

Here are the advantages of Ariston Horizontal Water Heater 100 Liter 1.8 KW:

And now, here is the most beautiful product offered by this company, perfect design, many features, I will mention them to you in the following order:

  1. As the previous products, Ariston is characterized by the highest efficiency. 
  2. WATER PLUS technology working up to 16% level.
  3. Instant water heating.
  4. It is made of insulating material, which is polyurethane, which indicates its high durability.
  5. It has a thermostat, which increases the safety guarantee.
  6. Warranty is up to 7 years.
  7. It has the best structure of modern Italian designs.
  8. It does not take up much space as it is hung on the wall.
  9. If you need it for large facilities, it will meet your needs.
  10. It pumps water at a high capacity.
  11. Do not worry about rust-filled water, as it contains anti-corrosion and rust inhibitors.


Thus, we have come to know together three products from Ariston heaters


Our products have been carefully and carefully selected by us, in order to provide the best heaters in the market. If you want to get an Ariston heater or want to buy different building materials, and even get support from specialized engineers, do not hesitate to visit our website through: IBS -SHOP

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