Instant heaters: types and benefits


In light of the rapid technological progress and the invention of many devices that facilitate daily life, instant heaters were one of the most prominent results of this progress. Hot water is one of the most important daily needs that cannot be dispensed with, and in many cases we needed to wait for some time while the water was heated for showering or washing, but that was previously with ordinary water heaters. Today, instantaneous water heaters have achieved great convenience and solved an important problem through their instant and permanent water heating.

If you are a user of regular heaters, and you may wonder about the difference between them and instant ones, let me answer this question.

Ordinary heaters are one of the most widely used types. They are safe, easy to install and use, and they are available in many sizes and capacities. But one of its drawbacks is its large consumption of electricity due to its huge size and the large amount of water that it heats, and therefore it needs to spend more electricity and higher bills. Moreover, these heaters need extra time to heat up enough water that you need, for example, you need to wait some time to take a shower, which may be annoying for some. In addition to the above, the large size of ordinary heaters may pose a problem for those who suffer from limited spaces in their homes or workplaces and puts them under the burden of providing enough space for them.

Have you noticed the disadvantages of regular heaters? And you realized that there were obstacles in using it and did not know that there was a solution to it?

Here are the advantages of this solution.

Advantages of instant heaters

Instant water heaters have many benefits and advantages that will prompt you as soon as you see them to buy and use them in your homes or anywhere else you need them, here are the most prominent:

The speed of heating the water

The instant heaters are not like their previous regular heaters that need some time to heat the water, but all you have to do is turn on the hot water so that the heater downloads it for you at the same moment.

Save electricity consumption

The instantaneous heater only needs electricity when the water is turned on, while some ordinary heaters consume electricity while turning on and off.

Space saving

If in your home you suffer from a lack of space, I am happy to tell you that an instant heater is the perfect solution to your problem. This heater is characterized by its small size and no tank, so it can be placed anywhere, no matter how small or narrow.

Long life

Due to the novelty of this invention, the use of instant heaters is long-term, according to the studies conducted on them, and their life may reach 20 years.

Safe use

The instant heater is completely safe in the home or wherever it is used, so you can rest assured and not worry about using it.

After you see the features and benefits that these heaters enjoy, you may be confused about the best type of them. And because quality matters to us as well, we are happy to suggest you one of the best types of instant heaters available on the market, the Ariston Instant Heaters.

Ariston instant heaters

Ariston Trading Company originated more than 80 years ago and started in Italy, and today it is considered one of the most reliable companies on the market. You may have a question: What distinguishes Ariston heaters from other instantaneous heaters?

As a detailed answer to this question, let us review the two types of Ariston heaters with a list of the most important features of each.

1.  Ariston single-point heater:

●     It has a modern Italian design.

●     It is available in a compact size for easy installation.

●     Ensure efficiency and energy saving.

●     Single point installation.

●     Water splash protection class IP 25: It can be installed inside the shower enclosure.

●     Dual thermostat prevents overheating.

●     Voltage 220-240 volts.

●     Electrical power: 7 kW at 220 volts.

2.  Ariston multi-point heater:

●     It has a modern Italian design.

●     It is available in a compact size for easy installation.

●     Multi-point installation for hot water supply for one person or multiple points of use.

●     Dual thermostat prevents overheating.

●     Voltage 220-240 volts.

●     Electrical power: 7 kW at 220 volts.

These heaters are widely spread in the market and have won the trust of a large number of consumers due to their quality and efficiency in instant heating while saving energy.


We hope that we have provided the assistance you are looking for, and if you choose Ariston instant heaters, we are pleased to tell you that these heaters will give your life complete comfort and endless warm water enjoyment, in addition to a touch of modern Italian elegance to decorate where you need it.

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