The best home water pumps

Everyone dreams of a house with a modern and elegant design, equipped with the latest and most high-quality equipment, making it a comfortable and suitable place to settle. Today, you no longer need such a dream, with the development of technologies and household appliances, every home can keep pace with modernity and provide comfort.

For example, what are the main problems you face in your current home? What changes would you make to your place of residence, turning it into your dream home?

In fact, there are many problems, but today let me limit them to you, the most common problem for many, which is the insufficient flow of water into the house.

As for the change that can be made in order to solve this problem, it is simply by using home water pumps, and we will share with you the best water pumps in this article.

First of all, have you ever wondered why the flow of water into your house is difficult and slow?

In fact, there are several reasons for this problem, and it is important to know them in general, so that you may understand the reason behind the weak water in your home and find the most appropriate solution.

Reasons for poor water flow into the house

1.   gravity:

It is the first reason that may come to your mind. Gravity either causes the flow of water to slow and difficult to reach, or pushes it hard to reach quickly, and this all depends on the source of the water from which it is flowing and the place it is heading towards.

If you live on a floor higher than the source of the water flow, you will definitely suffer from the slower it reaches the higher you go. But if you live at the same level as the water source or lower than it, then gravity will not be behind your problem and look for another reason.

2.   Distance from the water source:

If your home is at the end of the water supply line, the water flow may gradually decrease in intensity as it reaches you. Especially if your water pipes are small, then less water will pass through and under less pressure, making the intensity of the water flow into your home low and insufficient.

3.   Pipe problems:

Sometimes the water pipes in your home may be broken or blocked, which prevents enough water from reaching you. If you suffer from a problem with slow water flow, there is no harm in checking the pipes and making sure they are safe.

4.   Low central water pressure:

After denying all the above reasons and making sure that there are factors that enable the water to reach your home perfectly, and yet the water is still slow flowing, the problem may be central, i.e. from the local water station in your city, and the best is to inquire about this matter from the service personnel.

If you suffer from the first two reasons, i.e. gravity or distance from the water source, then I am happy to tell you that water pumps are the perfect solution for you.

What is the working principle of the water pump?

The water booster pump helps increase the pressure and volume of water flowing into your home. We can liken the work of the pump to the work of the fan exactly. Just as a fan has blades that rotate around it to increase the movement of air, the water pump in turn contains an impeller inside that increases the flow of water and raises the pressure in the same way and throughout the house.

It's no secret that it's really annoying not getting enough water just because you're far from the source or live above it, so let me help you choose the best water pumps.

If we want to talk about powerful pumps of excellent quality, what will "Wilo Pumps" compare with these qualities?

Wilo is a German company that specializes in the manufacture of pumps. The group manufactures pumps and pumping systems in 15 production facilities across Europe, Asia and America, producing approximately 10 million pumps annually.

Best home water pumps from Wilo

1.   Constant pressure pumps:

Wio constant pressure pumps include three varieties:

●     Wilo Home Automatic Quarter Horse Pressure Pump Model PB-135 MA :

(220V/1Ph/60Hz, 135 Wtt.)

●     Wio Home Automatic Half Horsepower Pressure Pump Model PB-351 MA

(220V/1Ph/60Hz, 350 Wtt.)

●     Wilo Home Automatic Pressure Pump Three Quarter Horsepower Model PB-600MA :

(220V/1Ph/60Hz, 600 Wtt.)

Common specification

●     Constant pressure level: advanced flow sensor.

●     Rust resistance: Through the electroplating of the casing, it is able to control rust.

●     Hot water application: 80°C.

●     Long life: 60% on/off pressure reduction ensures double life.

●     Fully enclosed motor structure meets the specifications of European CE certification and domestic safety certification.

●     Excellent wear resistance due to all hydraulic parts of engineering plastic.

2.   variable pressure pump:

●     Willow Home Variable Speed Pressure Pump Model PE-410MA :

(220V/1Ph/60Hz , 350 Watts.)


●     Energy Saving: Maximum 20% energy saving with inverter technology.

●     Automatic control: pressure control system by sensor.

●     Anti-rust: Use new material with FDA approval.

●     Low noise: about 40 dB

●     Protection and alarm function: the pump protection system is working.

●     LED Panel : Easy to operate and check statuses.

●     Three-step speed control: with the inverter drive technology.

Did you select the right pump to solve your problem?

After reaching the conclusion of this article, it is more likely that you have found the reason behind the problem of poor access to water in your home, and more likely that you have made the decision to purchase a home water pump to solve this annoying problem. But it is necessary to base the selection of the pump on how weak the conductivity is and how much water you need. For example, if your house is large or located on the upper floors, you need a pump whose power is proportional to the amount of water your home needs, the gravity that it will resist as well as the distance that the water will travel to you.

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