The best solar air conditioners in Saudi Arabia

Given that the climate of Saudi Arabia is very hot most of the year, every Saudi home needs an air conditioner to cool the air temperature, as temperatures in the summer reach 45 degrees Celsius, so we can guess the big expenses that are spent on air conditioning alone. But today, it is possible to reduce these expenses and invest them in other needs by investing a different source of energy.

You may now be wondering about the solution that will save you significant amounts, and what is its source, as you have never been used to anything but electrical energy that costs a lot. But let me surprise you and tell you that this energy source has always been available in your home and everywhere, and most importantly, it is free for everyone. I'm talking about solar air conditioners!

How do solar air conditioners work?

A solar air conditioning system uses solar energy instead of electricity to heat and cool it. Where the photovoltaic panels capture solar radiation and convert it into electrical energy that can operate the air conditioner, and the excess energy is stored in batteries for later use.

Advantages of solar air conditioners

●     Ease of maintenance:

One of the most important advantages that will push you to rely on the solar air conditioner, it does not require much maintenance except once every year or two, and all it needs is cleaning from time to time and only with water or any cleaning substance so that dust and dirt do not collect in it, and thus you will save what you paid for the maintenance of the air conditioners electrical.

●     Environmentally friendly:

By relying on clean solar energy, it will reduce carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment, which result from consuming most other energy sources. Solar energy is renewable energy that does not burn and does not produce toxic substances. In this way, you will become an active member in protecting our environment.

●     Energy saving:

It has become in your hands an independent source of energy that does not belong to anyone, and you will not need to pay bills or rationing use, this is your private energy renewable from our great sun.

●     automatic conditioning:

In the event of high temperatures, the solar air conditioner can operate automatically and then return to its previous position when the heat wave ends automatically as well.

●     Long Term Warranty:

You can be reassured in terms of malfunctions, as most solar air conditioners have a long-term warranty.

Do solar air conditioners cost a lot of money?

I won't tell you a secret that you need big expenses to install the solar air conditioning system in your home, but you can consider it a successful and well-deserved future investment. The amount you spend today, you will earn tomorrow by significantly saving on electricity bills. However, it is good to keep in mind that both types of solar and electric air conditioners require electric current, but the electricity consumption in the solar system is very low due to the dependence of this system on unlimited renewable energy from the sun, so you will no longer have to worry about your constant use of the air conditioner.

The necessity of solar energy conditioners in Saudi Arabia

According to a statistic conducted in 2021 by the British oil company BP, Saudi Arabia topped the list of Arab countries producing harmful emissions. This occurs as a result of dependence on fossil fuel energy, especially since Saudi Arabia is one of the most important producing countries. In addition to the foregoing, Saudi Arabia's desert climate forces residents to spend huge amounts of money on air-conditioning systems, including high electric bills and permanent maintenance expenses.

If you are a resident of the Kingdom and suffer from excessive expenses and at the same time want permanent air conditioning, let me help you choose the best solar air conditioners that will change your life for the better.

The most important solar air conditioners in Saudi Arabia

Bissan, LG , OLYAIR and SUNFI WER represent the leading companies in the manufacture of solar energy conditioners in the Saudi market, and I can show you the most important types offered in the market:

1.   Hybrid solar air conditioner:

It is characterized by saving up to 70% of electrical energy.

2.   Solar air conditioner " Era ":

Saves electricity by 40%.

3.   Hybrid solar air conditioner " Os 30":

One of the best quality solar air conditioners and one of the best in saving energy.

4.   Solar Air Conditioner " Damisu ":

Suitable for use in any place, especially rural areas that may suffer from lack of energy sources.

What is the state of solar investment in our Arab countries?

Treasures whose value you don't realize are useless.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been keen to keep pace with the latest technical developments in the world, and solar energy has received a great deal of attention. At a time when some Arab countries still do not realize the importance of this energy, despite the wide spread of deserts in them, which, if invested optimally, would have filled a large part of our energy need if not completely covered.

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