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Are all products compliant with the specifications? 

Certainly, we never sell anything other than international branded items that are shown on our website and have been produced by the original brand's manufacturer. 

Do the products undergo regular compliance testing?And do they meet the standards of The Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organiza tion?

Yes, Integrated Building Solutions (IBS) is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

How long can I store products in my shopping cart?

Products can only be stored in the cart for 24 hours.


FAQs about heaters

How do I choose the right heater size for my house? 

IBS has a wide variety of electric heaters suitable for all household needs. Choosing the right heater depends on the number of your family members and your daily need of hot water. 

The number of family members

Heater's volume in liters 











8 and more


How do I choose the right heater in terms of installation method? 

There are several forms of heaters, and the installation methods differ according to the design (vertical - horizontal - installed on the floor - under the sink). The type of heater and installation method is chosen depending on the space you have.

I do not have a large space because I work in a narrow shop, how do I choose the right heater?

 IBS offers a range of small heaters (15-30 liters), and several types of small instant heaters are available to be installed under the sink.

How do I know the amount of electricity consumed by the heater? and how much time is required for heating?

 On IBS's website, there is sufficient information about each heater as well as its electrical capacity and electricity consumption. You can also find the time required for heating and a detailed catalog for each type. Accordingly, you can choose the heater with the appropriate electrical capacity for your home or you can seek help from a technician.

I have an industrial plant that requires hot water in large quantities, what is the appropriate heater?

 IBS provides a range of industrial heaters with sizes ranging from (500 -5000 liters) and electric capacity (24 kW-36 kW).

The electric bill is very expensive. What is the most power-saving heater?

 All electric heaters at IBS are equipped with all power-saving technologies, but the most efficient among them is the solar heater.

FAQs about pumps

What are the main types of pumps in terms of function? 

  • Pressure pump (accelerated pumping) 

  • Circulation pump (for hot water devices) 

  • Drain pump (to drain polluted water) 

  • A submersible pump (for wells and underground reservoirs)

  • Submersible pump for draining (to suction contaminated tank water) 

  • Lifting pump (to fill the tank) 

  • Project Pumps 

How do I choose the right lifting pump? 

Integrated Building Solutions (IBS) has a wide range of lifting pumps. First, you must determine the height of the tank to be filled, and the required volume (cubic meters per hour), and then you should read the data from the pump's curve to see if it is suitable or not (a technician can be consulted).


What are the significant parameters of each pump?

 Each pump has basic parameters: 

  • Head: The height that the water reaches.

  • The abundance: the number of cubic meters flowing per hour.

  • Capacity: the amount of electricity drawn from the network.

Where can I find information about a pump?

 you will find all information you need, in addition to diagrams and catalogs, on the product's page. In the section ... "Explained after the completion of the development of the site").

What is the maximum depth the pump can operate at?

 For lifting pumps, the maximum suction depth is /8/ meters, otherwise, you should use submersible pumps.


Shipping and Delivery

What are the shipping and delivery costs? 

the costs vary depending on the weight, volume, and sizes of the products in addition to the city to which the products will be delivered. 

Can I score free shipping? 

We offer no free shipping at the moment; however, you can always follow our website to get the coupons as soon as they are issued. 

When will I receive my order?

The order is delivered to the shipping company on the same day or the next day, then the customer receives it within a maximum of 10 working days. 

Demand and Taxes

Can I order by phone?

No, unfortunately, you can't. An order can only be made through our online store.

 What happens if I cancel my order or return it? 

Please review our Return and Refund Policy department to be informed about accurate details and procedures.

 How can I follow the process of my order?

 It can be followed up through the shipping link that is emailed to the customer as soon as the consignment is delivered to the shipping company, or through the relevant category on our website.

 Will there be taxes or tariffs on the products?

 there is a value-added tax on the products.

Payment Options

 What types of credit cards can I use?

 we accept all major credit cards, including:

 Visa Card, MasterCard, and Payment via PayPal can also be accepted 

I don't have a credit card; how do I pay? 

IBS offers a variety of payment options and gateways. You can pay in cash once you receive your order in case you have neither a credit card nor an ATM card.