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​​ Insurance

The warranty period for maintenance of electrical appliances is two years from the date of the invoice.

General Terms and Conditions of Warranty

Pumps in general and household pressure pumps

Installation must be carried out according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and in the catalog supplied with the device

In the case of a malfunction and when you bring the product, it must be within the warranty period according to the invoice

The product is checked and if the warranty conditions are met, the Integrated Building Solutions Company shall bear the value of maintenance and damaged spare parts due to a manufacturing defect. The Integrated Building Solutions Company shall not bear any cost for malfunctions resulting from misuse.

The pump is intended for fresh water, so a filter must be installed at the entrance to the pump to provide clean water

The warranty does not cover misuse that results in damage to the pump parts, such as dry running and operating under harsh conditions under direct sunlight, which is evident by inspection during maintenance.


Pure Water Submersibles

The cleanliness of the water and the absence of impurities, sand, and mud must be taken into account because the submersible is intended for clean water. Only when installing, it must be taken into account not to download or raise the submersible from the electric cable to avoid cutting the cable and then the occurrence of electric water leakage, and a nylon rope must be used instead.

Turbid water and sewage submersibles

The submersible must be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions, which are included in the catalog supplied with the device.

The submersible must not be stopped for a long time to avoid the accumulation of rust and salts on the fan shaft, so this will result in its failure to rotate when operating, which will then result in the burning of the motor coils.

The submersible is intended for turbid water and sewage and should not be used to drain the water of fossils, sand, stones, and everything like that.

Important note

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for correct installation, which are shown in several languages ​​in the catalog that came with the device inside the carton.

Maintenance and installation

Our company includes a specialized department for technical support of customers as well as a maintenance center at the highest technical level. This center contains an excellent and exceptional group of engineers and technicians trained at a high scientific and technical level with an insurance that covers all of our products and extends for years. 

Our team is fully prepared to do all the work assigned to us by our valued customers in the best way and at the highest level. 

Due to the importance of our products and their basic role in the smooth and regular conduct of all operations, Our company provides profound after-sales support services. We can provide our customers with these services to guarantee an optimal working condition of their products.

 Installation and maintenance services include: 

  • Installation work and acceptance testing
  • On-site repairing
  • Electrical tests
  • Spare parts supply 
  • Maintenance contracts

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