What does instant water heater mean and what are the most important brands?

The presence of instant heaters has become a necessity in every home due to the urgent need for warm water, especially in the winter season. Regular heaters often no longer provide the daily need of hot water, in addition to the fact that the water cools down after a short period of time, so we need to wait for some time to reheat it.

In this article, we will talk to you about the instant water heater and its working principle, in addition to the most important brand that offers this product.

What is the instant water heater?

It is one of the types of heaters that have a small storage capacity in exchange for a high heating rate. The storage capacity of this heater ranges from 1 to 3 liters, as it does not have a tank to store water like the rest of the traditional heaters that come with tanks of different sizes. The small volume of stored water combined with the high heating rate contributed to providing instant and permanent hot water. One of the most prominent features of this type of heater is that it can be installed anywhere inside the house to provide it with warm water continuously.

What is the working principle of the instant heater?

The instant heater gives warm water on demand, when the hot water tap is opened, cold water is transmitted through a tube to the electric heating unit where the water is instantly and quickly heated. Thus, it outperforms the traditional heaters that need some time for the tank to fill up and the water to heat up, in addition to the insufficient hot water in many cases. As for the instant heaters that operate with direct heating without the need for a tank, they provide 2 to 5 gallons of warm water per minute.

Benefits of instant heaters

1.   Instant heaters are pressurized:

It takes up less space than standard tank heaters. Thus, the instant heater can be placed anywhere inside the house without worrying about its size.

2.   Saving water consumption:

By heating water immediately and directly on demand, quantities of water are saved that is usually wasted in regular water heaters that store water and cool it later.

3.   instant heating:

As we mentioned earlier, the principle of the instantaneous heater is based on the continuous supply of hot water directly and quickly without the need to wait a long time.

4.   Energy saving:

The instant heater consumes less electricity than regular heaters, thus helping to save energy and reduce electricity bills.

In case you want to buy an instant heater, we suggest one of the most important brands that produce this type of heater, which is the Ariston brand.

Ariston is a global company that specializes in water heating and heating systems. The company provides people all over the world with a wide range of innovative products aimed at improving home life by using as little energy as possible, along with efficiency and high performance.

Ariston instant heaters

Ariston offers several types of instant water heaters, in order to meet all needs and make the home a warmer place, and to give you an example of quality, we show you one of Ariston's instant water heaters and its most prominent features.

Ariston multi-point instantaneous water heater Vietnamese

The instant multi-point water heater of Vietnamese origin is considered one of the best products that can be used, due to its high quality in manufacturing in addition to many other features.

Its advantages

●     Easy to use and install, and the right size.

●     It works to save energy consumed.

●     It contains a security system.

●     Capacity: 7 kW.

●     Degree of splash protection: IP 25

●     Comes with shower head and faucet accessories.

●     It has a dual thermostat system that works to limit or reduce the superheating that the heater is exposed to.

●     Multipoint installation for hot water supply to one person or multiple points of use

●     Front pivot regulation for 4 power settings.

●     Knob power settings: O , Low (1° HE ), Medium (2° HE ), High (1 + 2° HE ).

●     2 LEDs (to show the heating element/s in operation) to facilitate handling of the heater system in general.

●     The voltage of the instant water heater is 220-240V.

In conclusion of our article,

It is worth noting that the decision to buy an instant heater depends on the amount of daily need for hot water, which varies from one house to another according to the size of the house and the number of family members, in addition to the costs that the heater needs. Although it may be more expensive than the costs of conventional heaters, this cost will come back to you later through the great energy savings that the instant heater gives.

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